This workshop is part of the 22nd International Systems and Software Product Line Conference, and is intended for product line experts from industry who wish to learn and share experiences on real-word implementations of product lines. There exist many papers describing certain aspects of real-world product lines. We also have the well-known SPLC Hall of Fame with quite a number of what we call real-world product lines. The purpose of this workshop is to work on defining a concise format for documenting different cases of product lines implementations so that others (especially new actors from industry) can understand how the product line operation can be run. The main focus of the first workshop is to define what information regarding a product line should be documented, brainstorm how this could be done, and to come up with a concrete working plan for continuing the work on this topic and, in fine, dress a consistent and purposeful list of examples.

We are mainly seeking industry practitioners with strong product line experience to join this workshop. We will limit the number of participants to about 10 attendees in order to be able work together on the topic in a very efficient manner. Please apply for a seat in this workshop with a short information about what is your interest in this topic and what background you have in product lines. If your organization has already a publicly documented product line, please include references to the documentation available.

The workshop is organized by Danilo Beuche, CEO, pure-systems; Hugo Guillermo Chale-Gongora, Director PLE, Thales; and Thomas Fogdal, Manager – Software Platform Engineering, Danfoss Drives.